Solutions to your warning message:

  • Check whether the filter bag is full.
  • Check whether the HEPA13 filter cartridge on the back is free of dust and dirt.
  • Check the device for clogging, in the suction nozzle, the suction tube or the suction hose.

The steps on this page are explained in detail further down.


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How do I change the filter bag?

Open the motor head at the red laches and remove the filter basket. Pull the full filter bag from the nozzle and close the bag. Place the empty filter bag in the container without wrinkles and then put it on the nozzle.

How do I change the HEPA13 filter?

The filter is located on the back of the vacuum cleaner. Press the tab on the left side towards the filter, filter then folds out and can be removed. Insert a new filter on the right and fold it left and let it snap into place.

What to do if the suction tube/hose is clogged?

Use a broomstick or the like; detach the tube/hose from the vacuum cleaner beforehand and place it flat on the floor. If you come across the harder object that clogs the hose, a small pressure is usually enough to release the blockage.

The red LED lights up when I vacuum across carpet.

The red LED is designed for hard flooring and may be lit on carpet under certain circumstances although there is no clogging or a full filter bag.

Do I need to use a filter bag?

We always recommend an original filter bag for hygienic use in our dry vacuum cleaners.

How often should I change the motor protection filter?

We recommend after every tenth bag change the motor protection filter. Therefore, our original filter bag pack always includes a motor protection filter.

What to do if the thermal fuse triggers on the engine?

Basically: The thermal fuse is a protection of the motor against overheating and triggers to prevent damage. The vacuum cleaner does not necessarily have to be broken! After triggering the fuse, it takes 20 minutes for the vacuum cleaner to be functional again. During this period, check whether the HEPA filter, suction nozzle, suction tube, filter bag or motor protection filter are clogged. Remove the impurities.

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