SE 7

Spray-extraction cleaner with a separate anti-foaming tank.


Designed for rug, carpet, and upholstery cleaning in offices, clinics, cinemas and households, as well as car upholstery.

With 4 bar spraying pressure and 230 mbar suction pressure, the SE 7 cleans quickly and thoroughly. The spray function can be turned on or off with the valve lever near the handle. The liquid levels of both the 6.5 litres fresh- and wastewater tanks can be checked at any time through the transparent lid of the device. Both tanks are separately removable.
A third, integrated container allows the use of anti-foaming agent. The clear upholstery and floor nozzle allows free sight of the surface being cleaned and constant control over the process. Its ergonomic form guarantees effortless work.
The 7.5 m power cord ensures a large working range and can be rolled up on the cleaner handle after use. The body of the cleaner is made of impact-resistant plastic and is equipped with large, rubber-coated wheels, which leave no traces even on all sensitive surfaces.


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  • Thorough cleaning through the 4 bar spray pressure and 230 mbar suction power
  • Spray and extraction functions are separately operable
  • Separate fresh- and wastewater tanks, each containing 6.5 L
  • Separate container for anti-foaming agent
  • Clear, ergonomic nozzles
  • Long stainless steel vacuum tube for convenient, effortless work
  • Rubber-coated castor wheels and large back wheels for streak-free work

Technical data

  • 220-240 V / 50 Hz

  • 1100 W

  • 50 W

  • 230 mbar

  • 65 LpA [dB]

  • 4 bar

  • each 6,5 litres

  • 7,5 m

  • 2,5 m

  • 38 mm

  • 38 mm

  • 13 kg

  • 55 x 35 x 63,5 cm

Equipment and accessories

SE 7 Spray-extraction cleaner (Item-No. 107001)

2 x 0,5 m suction tubes stainless steel ø 38 mm, 2,5 m combi suction hose, floor nozzle with a width of 250 mm, upholstery nozzle with a width of 105 mm, defoaming tank, 7,5 m power cord

Standard Accessories

Upholstery nozzle SE 7


Floor nozzle SE 7


Suction tube, single


Suction hose complete 2,5 m


Power cord 7,5 m


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