Customer reviews

Magic Click
By Karin Ernst on September 06
This mop is worth its money. Comfortable to handle with good quality mops. It can be folded flat, so that one can wipe well under low cabinets. (Source: Amazon)
"Wer auf Schnickschnack keinen Wert legt ist hier sehr gut bedient" (T11 evo)
By Thomas Bitzer on September 29
The small "R2D2" is a light and very powerful vacuum cleaner. He is also quieter than our old XXX and co. Furthermore, it is much cheaper. The vacuum cleaner bags are unusually large. Would say almost twice as big. The cable length is great and the tube within tube is also nice long. Previously, I had to plug at least 3 times the cable into a new socket to vacuum my 200 square meters. Now just once. The suction head is unfortunately a bit too small for my taste. It takes a while longer to suck. My head is also too easy for my wife, because she now has to expend more strength. In addition, the manufacturer waived on various Schnickschnack like telescopic rod (which in our case has been broken and expensive as a spare part was), cable rewinding (which in our old age has spun very fast and only works to good hihi) or a compartment for stowing the attachments , who are there, but no man needs. Nobody is perfect, but the brand manufacturers should take an example! Would buy him again, but maybe the bigger brother to the comparison. (Source: Amazon)
Light, strong, good (Maximus HEPA)
By Kuddenberg Design on January 07
I ordered the Sprintus vacuum cleaner as a replacement for a xxx appliance. I am quite taken by the Sprintussauger. The suction power is excellent, the device is pleasantly quiet. The material selection and the processing is faultless. It is missing the usual BlingBling. There is no touch screen or similar senseless controls. There is only the on / off switch and an easy-to-operate power control, once on the device itself and the slide on the handle. I can totally recommend the device. (Source: Amazon)
Sprintus Service cart
By Gast on January 01
We were looking for a cleaning cart for our hotel. The Sprintus service cart is currently still in the test run and can not report too much. I makes a good impression so far. Kind regards Team Hotel-Sonne. (Source:
Breech (EM 17 R)
By Martin.K on March 17
Initially, there were a few difficulties with one of the 4 threads that are connected to the bracket. But I immediately got a new part where there was the same problem. Luckily, the company Sprintus was very accommodating here and supplied me with the 3rd run and sent the device in one piece! The single-disc cleaning device has already passed the firing process and can be used very easily. (Source: Amazon)
Sprintus Spray extraction cleaner SE 7
By Gast on September 30
First Class Spray Extractor! Have the Sprintus SE7 spray extraction machine for upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning ordered, gladly again thanks for the fast delivery. (Source:
Sprintus N 28/1 E Wet and dry vacuum cleaner
By Gast on September 02
Super wet / dry cleaner, I would not have expected at this price. As a building cleaner one makes no mistake with the purchase of this device. (Source:
Very good device (N 51/1 KPS)
By A. Meyer on June 23
As a roofer I can only say, the thing is the best. Absolutely powerful (also pumping vertically upwards) fast and not too loud. Clear purchase recommendation. (Source: Amazon)
Top Vacuum Cleaner (T11 EVO)
By syndikus2014 on September 16
The first vacuum cleaner sucks what it should and does not give up when it is also wood chips or grinding dust from the machine. He is softly upstairs. To suck the carpet you must even down regulate otherwise the carpet on the brush .. Hammer strong! Otherwise, he does not have a long line for the whole floor. The big yellow, on the other hand, was loud and lazy. (Source:
Small but nice (EEM 13 R)
By Solution on January 01
Don't want to miss the machine anymore. For small or angled surfaces. (Source:
Powerhouse (Waterking)
By Mayer Gebäudereinigung on May 05
So the work is fun. Pure power, pleasantly light and visually very pleasing. (Source:
Perfect for terrace, driveway, courtyard etc.
By Barall on August 9
Was looking for a sweeper to turn leaves, pebbles, grass, etc. on the terrace. With a vacuum it was synonymous, but was always very loud and you need a socket. With the Sprintus sweeper it is now completely easy. The device is light and manoeuvrable and cleans everything that is in the way. Even wet leaves. For driveway and terrace I only take this machine, is less exhausting than sweeping. Super device, absolute purchase recommendation. (Source: Amazon)