Battery operated, 24 V scrubber dryer. Easy handling due to compact size.

The CAMIRA is the latest product highlight of the SPRiNTUS scrubber dryers. The machine, which is part of the 30-litre-class, convinces with a compact construction design and agility, which allows for extremely easy and efficient cleaning.

Equipped with two maintenance-free Sonnenschein gelbatteries with 50 Ah each, the running time is about 2,5 hours and the machine cleans quickly and effectively mediumsized areas of up to 1600 m². At a low battery level, the connectible ECO mode can be activated and extends the running time of the machine when needed to conclude the cleaning task. The swiveling suction bar ensures an excellent suction power even during change of directions and the standard brush with a working width of 43 cm is perfect for a variety of cleaning tasks. The voluminous waste water tank, which can easily be cleaned due to its accessibility, is equipped with a user-friendly drain hose. The clean water tank can also be drained completely and makes the CAMIRA with its “brushdrop” at the push of a button, a standard on-board charger, and its excellent price-performance-ratio one of the most user-friendly machines in its class.

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  • Clear, ergonomic control unit with all functions at a glance.
  • Suction bar swivels automatically into the working direction.
  • Swinging brush adapts to the ground
  • Evenly high brushing pressure
  • Battery runtime of up to 2,5 hours.
  • Pleasant, quiet running also allows cleaning during customer traffic
  • Perfectly suited for medium sized areas of up to 1600 m².
  • Internal charging station with battery runtime display.
  • Two maintenance free "Sonnenschein" gel batteries
  • Very compact dimensions thanks to the height-adjustable control unit
  • Removable waste water tank for easy, hygienic cleaning
  • Waste water drain hose for quick, residue-free emptying
  • Particularly easy to maintain
  • Toolless brush change
  • Excellent suction. The floor becomes completely dry and can be walked on immediately.
  • Quantity of water can be individually adapted to each floor covering.

Technical Data

  • 230 V / 50 Hz

  • 24 V / 2 x 50 Ah

  • 65 mbar

  • 400 W

  • 400 W

  • 1600 m²/h

  • 150 rpm

  • 18 kg

  • 43 cm

  • 54 cm

  • 32 litres

  • 35 litres

  • 95 kg

  • 77 x 110 x 54 cm

Equipment and accessories

CAMIRA (Item-No. 210.006)

Brush medium, integrated onboard charger


CAMIRA K (Item-No. 210.007)

Brush medium, cable version without battery

Standard Accessories

Brush 17" (medium)


Gel battery


Optional Accessories

Brush 17" (soft)


Brush 17" (abrasive)


Brush horsehair 17“


Pad white 17" (5 pcs.)


Pad red 17" (5 pcs.)


Pad green 17" (5 pcs.)


Pad black 17" (5 pcs.)


External charger


Connection cable external charger


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