Expandable, lockable cleaning trolley in 4 versions.

With a total of four top-quality versions of the closed VariX cleaning trolley, we offer maximum benefits and the highest standards of hygiene for daily use in the healthcare and HoReCa sectors. The modular design is more versatile than ever and enables the right solution for every application. With its smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces as well as closed hygiene rollers, buckets and optional mop boxes, it can be used in compliance with the highest hygiene regulations.

The lockable doors ensure maximum safety in the building, and the large pull-out drawers offer tons of loading space. Even at full load, the VariX can be manoeuvred without any great effort, and the extra large 150 mm steering rollers overcome obstacles easily.

The VariX series is a reliable partner with an excellent price-performance ratio and a high level of cost-effectiveness.


The disposal unit can be designed variably according to your choice and your requirements.

The convenient shelf for cleaning schedules is directly in the field of view.

The disposal unit can be designed according to your requirements.. Non-contact removal of the wipe covers with the optional folding holder V-Wing.

The removable laundry net is 35 litres in size and is ideal for the disposal of used cleaning cloths.


High loading volume and smooth-running trays.

Standard drawers (without accessories).

Optional: deep trays, 18 litres. Item no. 305034.

Continuous 4-colour coding. Optimal stability through lowered buckets.

Hygienic, transparent lid that can be placed upright. Buckets with scale indication.

Optional: disinfectant dispenser for 500 ml bottles. Item no. 301289.

Optional: hook-in 30 litre bucket. Item no. 305035.


Optional as VariX-Press with mop-press or as VariX-Box with mop-boxes

Capacity for 10 mops per box.

Optional soaking aid.

Non-contact pick-up with optional V-Wing folding holder.

Transport for up to four mop boxes.

Protection from unauthorised access via removable key connectors.

Brackets for up to three warning signs. Multi-functional tool holder.

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Technical Data (LxHxW)

  • 105 x 118 x 66 cm

  • 161 x 118 x 66 cm

  • Height 135 cm

  • 161 x 118 x 66 cm

  • 133 x 118 x 66 cm


Design the doors of your VariX according to your own ideas.

As a mobile advertising medium, it will transport your corporate design and your advertising message directly to customers and visitors.

Equipment and accessories

VariX (Item-No. 305001)

Including disposal and supply unit. (Does not include a cleaning unit).


VariX-Press (Item-No. 305002)

VariX 305001 + mop-press-set 305041. Consisting of mop-press  and attachment set.


VariX-Box (Item-No. 305003)

VariX 305001 + mop-box-set 305040. Consisting of blue/red mop box and attachment set.


VariX-Box Compact (Item-No. 305004)

VariX 305001 + mop-box-set 305048. Consisting of blue/red mop box and attachment set.

Standard Accessories

2 x Fixing bracket, 60 litres, blue


2 x Fixing bracket, 60 litres, red


Waste separation


2 x Fixing bracket, 30 litres, blue


2 x Fixing bracket, 30 litres, red


Laundry net, 35 litres, black


Drawer, flat, grey


Drawer, medium, grey


Mounting tray, grey


Bucket 6 litres, grey, handle blue


Bucket 6 litres, grey, handle red


Bucket 6 litres, grey, handle green


Bucket 6 litres, grey, handle yellow


Handle holder set


Optional Accessories

Watering aid for mop box, blue


Watering aid for mop box, red


Drawer set, deep


Mounting bucket, grey


Laundry-/wastebag, grey


Disinfectant dispenser


Warning sign symbolic (10 pcs.)


Warning sign "Rutschgefahr" (10 pcs.)


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