Cookie Guidelines

This website fulfills the obligation to indicate the use of cookies. By using cookies, Internet sites can be made user-friendly, effective and secure. Text files with information points based on user activities are temporarily stored in the user's browser. Visiting preferences and web page settings can be defined and saved. The stored cookies can be viewed and managed for each website:

  • Chrome: Click on the lock (for SSL-certified pages) or the information icon (i) at the top of the address line. Select [Number] is used.
  • Firefox: Click on the icon in the upper left corner of the web address. Follow the click field to the right and select "More Information". The Cookie Management is located under "Privacy & Chronicle"
  • Internet Explorer: Select the "Tools"> "Internet Options" button behind the gear icon. Click the Privacy tab. Under Settings, you will find the "Advanced" item with the management options for cookies.

By storing cookies, you will be able to adapt this homepage to the individual needs of visitors. Website settings are saved for a limited time and are retrieved on a new visit. This website follows the guideline (§96.Abs.3.TKG.05) regarding the user's use of cookies.

Cookies are permitted on this website in order to enable you to use the website optimally. However, you can change the changes at any time via this link: Disable cookies